๐Ÿ“– Setting up the tablet

These steps only need doing the first time the tablet is set up.

  • Lift the coloured lid at the top of the device and insert the receipt roll.

  • Connect the tablet to a power source using the provided adapter. You may need to leave the tablet to charge for up to 1 hour before it will have sufficient charge to power on.

  • Hold the power key until the screen turns on.

  • Follow the set up steps displayed on screen. You should skip the Sunmi Register step if its requested.

  • Connect the tablet to your wifi network.

  • Finish the on screen set up steps.

  • Go to tablet settings > display > sleep. Set to 'never'.

  • Go to tablet settings > Device > Apps > ecoeats Orders.

  • Turn on Override Do Not Disturb

  • Turn off battery optimisation and data optimisation

  • Check the other settings to make sure the app has full permissions and no restrictions.

  • Open the ecoeats Orders app.

  • Wait for 10 seconds before entering your login details; the app may restart a few times on first opening.

  • Log in using the details provided to the owner of the account via email during onboarding.

  • Configure the eoceats Orders app settings to your preferences.

  • Update your menu item availability.

  • Turn on the accept orders switch.

  • That's it! You'll be live on the ecoeats app during your chosen opening hours and you'll be notified of any orders so long as:

  • you keep the tablet charged,

  • powered on,

  • sound on,

  • connected to wifi,

  • and with the ecoeats Orders app open.

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